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Stop !! And call us before you make a heart wrenching decision that will break your and your Mother and Dad's heart. For about the same cost of an assisted living facility or Nursing home we can help them to stay in their own home. 

(800) 461-0549 & (903) 813-8477

Senior Care

Personal Care for Seniors & Disabled Adults

Breathe easier knowing your loved ones in good hands with 7 Sisters Care. We provide personal care and senior assistance throughout Sherman, Texas.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Quality of life is in the little things: a walk in crisp fresh air, a warm conversation about a fond memory, feeling safe and secure at home. Life is made up of precious moments that make our day meaningful. A little assistance from 7 Sisters helps maintain independence, adds joy to the day, and provides security and safety.

In-home care can ease the daily burden of simple life task. 7 Sisters services include but are not limited to:

• Ambulation Assistance
• Transferring from Bed to Chair
• Positioning
• Providing a Secure Bath Environment (Bathing & Showering)
• Continence Care & Toileting 
• Skin Care
• Hair Care & Shampooing
• Oral Care (Mouth & Denture)
• Shaving with Electric Razors
• Alzheimer's & Dementia Care
• Parkinson's Disease
• Diabetic Care
• Changing Briefs
• Dressing
• Feeding
• Meal Preparation
• Laundry
• Light Housekeeping
• Running Errands

Registered Nurses Available

7 Sisters is a non-medical company, however, we can perform health-related tasks delegated by a registered nurse or tasks that an RN determines does not require delegation. An RN is available through our agency if tasks require delegation or supervision.