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Stop !! And call us before you make a heart wrenching decision that will break your and your Mother and Dad's heart. For about the same cost of an assisted living facility or Nursing home we can help them to stay in their own home. 

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Rate for Services
(24 Hour Care Only)

Welcome to Seven Services. Maybe the information listed will enable you to determine what it will cost to have a care giver around the clock providing not only personal care. All levels of care include assistance with ADL"s (such as bathing: dressing: grooming: ambulation: medication reminding: hair and skin care), along with light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, accompanying to appointments etc. None of our caregivers are just Sitters.

Surcharge of 10.00 pr day will apply if Spouse is in the home, even though the spouse may function independly.  Should Spouse require personal care such as : Bathing; Dressing; Grooming; tolieting; assistance in transfers or ambulation, the surcharge will be $15.00 per day. The surcharge will apply regarding all levels of care listed below.

Minimal Care

 Individual that is able to walk with light assistance, but needs a companion around the clock.  Minimal care would be for Individuals who can assist with bathing; dressing; grooming; tolieting; etc. Cost approxamately $ 9.00 pr hour based on 24 hour caregiver. Meal preparation ; Laundry; and light house keeping is included. 2 ladies will be assigned and the same 2 ladies will rotate every 4 to 7 days depending on sleep patterns of the Client.

 Moderate Care
Some assistance in transferring from bed to chair etc. Assistance with all personal care, remembering medications, assistance in tolieting ex: ;light Stroke; Early Parkinson; Early Deminsea  etc. Meal preparation ; Laundry; Light Housekeeping is included. 

$ 9.50 pr hour based on 24 hour care being provided. 2 ladies will be assigned and will rotate every 4 to 7 days depending on sleep patterns of each individual client.

Maximum Care 
Hospice, Alzheimer's, Extreme Dementia, delibitating stroke, individual unable to assist with any task, example might be Individual unable to get out of bed at all. Fall precaution required, moderate lifting expected, MUST Not  be a 2 person assist. Meal Preparation; Laundry; Light Housekeeping is included.
 $10.50 per hour



Our Free in home evaluation will determine the level of care needed.

24 Hour Services that enable your Loved One to remain in thier own home, comparable in cost to assisted living.