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Stop !! And call us before you make a heart wrenching decision that will break your and your Mother and Dad's heart. For about the same cost of an assisted living facility or Nursing home we can help them to stay in their own home. 

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Here is a list of your testimonials

Dear Debra and Steve at Seven Sisters

Thank you so much for everything you have done to help us care for our Mom and Dad.

Mom's Alzheimer's was a daily challenge for us. Thanks to your professionalism and that of your caregiving team, combined with your compassion, we were able to get through this challenging time. I thanked God daily for having blessed us with your presence. If I can EVER help you with a stellar recommendation, please do not hesitate to give my number to any and all prospective client families. God Bless you all !!

Gratefully Yours

David Stark

Gainesville Texas

Dear Staff at Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters assigned 2 ladies that provided services around the clock. These ladies were kind, loving, compassionate Christian Women. I highly recommend and have recommended Seven Sisters to anyone needing care for thier Mom or Dad.  Mom really did not want to give up her home and move into assisted living or a nursing home. Seven Sisters made it possible for Mom to remain in her own home. It was an excellent experience.

Beverly R.

Insert City

Dear Deb and Steva

Our Mother was an extremely independant woman, who choose to stay home when diagnosised with an unoperable brain tumor. Seven Sisters provided live in care givers that allowed Mom the dignity and respect she wanted and deserved. Linda and Tammy were loving, caring, Christian women that while providing kind, compassionate care still maintained a high level of professinalism.  My Sister and I, nor Dad could have gotten through this without them.

Jim M.

Insert City

To the Staff of Seven Sisters

Mom could not have enjoyed the last year of her life without the assistances of Seven Sisters. I promised my mom, she could live in her home and not never worry about going to a Nursing Home. Judy and Linda rotated every 7 days. These ladies assisted Mother with all matter of personal care. They also communicated well with me and Mom's Doctor. I recommend this service to anyone who needs services for their Mom or Dad.

Stormy C.

Houston Texas

To the Ladies with Seven Sisters

Your employee's were outstanding, especially Mamie

David B.

Dear Debra Norris-Williams

My name is Laura Lambert

My Aunt Ora Mae Headen passed away this morning. For the past 2 years your caregivers have taken care of her after my Uncle's passing. I just want you to know how much Bette and Deborah have meant to me and our family. I never had the opportunity to meet but did Bette. I talked via telephone with both of them quiet often. When I visited my aunt, I had the opportunity to see the care and love that Bette gave her. In talking to both Ladies I was always happy to get the reports they gave me, and know how much they loved and respected her. Thanks to Seven Sisters my Aunt was able to continue living in her home, and not be institutionalized as many Seniors are. Thanks to both these ladies for allowing her to do that, and lavishing her with love and care for her. I highly recommend your services to anyone that might need them.

Thank You

Laura Lambert


Insert City